Retarders / Form Release / Curing Compounds

Rugasol® C

Rugasol C is a liquid retarder for horizontal construction joints and surfaces for use in cooler conditions or low retardation conditions. Rugasol C is an easy to use, economical product applied to obtain a mechanical key for “kicker” joints, renderings and screeds on horizontal surfaces of freshly placed concrete.

Rugasol® MH

Rugasol MH is a gel retarder used mainly for on site exposed aggregate work. Rugasol MH surface retarder is used to expose aggregate on formed Portland cement based concrete surfaces, both vertical and horizontal.

Sika® Film

Sika Film is a moisture evaporation retardant. It is designed to be used on concrete surfaces to reduce evaporative water loss.


Formol is a chemical release agent applied to concrete formwork. It is designed to act as a bond breaker between formwork or moulds and freshly placed concrete.

Sika CureCrete

Sika CureCrete is a water based membrane forming liquid for curing, dustproofing and hardening concrete. Sika CureCrete is suitable for use over new and old concrete and performs well both inside and outside without the adverse effects of solvent based systems.