The invention of a waterproof sealing mortar by Kaspar Winkler in 1910 was the foundation of Sika's successfull track record in waterproofing worldwide. It is unlikely that you could ever find another partner with such a complete range of waterproofing systems and products, technical support and on-site experience.

Waterproofing of below ground structures and water retaining structures can only be achieved by careful design, the right choice of waterproofing materials plus professional workmasnhip with quality control on site. Sika has a comprehensive range of solutions.

  • Basements refurbishment
  • New build basements
  • Retro fit basements
  • Cellar refubishments
  • Underground car parks
  • Retaining walls
  • Lift pits
  • Water industry projects - (water tanks, reservouirs, sewage treatment works)
  • Water retaining structures - (swimming pools, tanks etc)
  • Leak sealing projects
  • Ponds
  • Damp-proofing