Active strengthening of structures as a replacement for damaged steel prestressing cables, seismic retrofitting, or for installation on cracked concrete surfaces through high deflection and for satisfying SLS loading.



The concept of post tensioning: a force is applied to create permanent stress in a structure, so it can withstand the working load more effectively, or with less total deflection. In conventional post tensioning, the load is applied through steel tendons within the concrete structure. With the Sika CarboStress® system, the advantages of the Sika Carbodur® CFRP plates and regular post tensioning are combined to form a unique external active strengthening solution.
The Sika CarboStress® system has an excellent track record with considerable experience from more than 400 major strengthening projects that have been successfully completed all around the world. This system has been used to increase the service load capacity, strengthen and reinforce many different structures including bridges, industrial facilities and high-rise buildings.



- Minimal breakout required

- Tendon assembly on-site

- Cross-over installations are possible

- Ideal for difficult access sites and structures

- Alternative anchoring solutions

- Suitable for different tendon lengths and substrates