Shear Strengthening

Sika® Carboshear® L

Sika CarboShear L is a high performance CFRP shear strengthening system for reinforced concrete structures. It consists of two components: Sika Carboshear L shaped CFRP plates and Sikadur-30 adhesive. Sika CarboShear complements the Sika CarboDur composite strengthening system used for structural strengthening.

Sika® Wrap 230C

SikaWrap®-230 C is a unidirectional woven carbon fibre fabric with mid-range strengths, designed for installation using the dry application process.

SikaWrap® Anchor C

SikaWrap® FX-50C is a unidirectional carbon fibre string, encased in a plastic
envelope, that serves as fibre connector for the anchorage of SikaWrap fabrics.