Elastomeric Sealant

Sikaflex® 11FC

Sikaflex 11FC is a fast curing one-component polyurethane sealant/adhesive with permanent elasticity.

Sika® Firerate PU

Firerate PU is a one component, low modulus, gun grade, non-sag, moisture-cure polyurethane sealant with outstanding UV resistance. Firerate PU is designed to cure into a fire rated, elastic weatherproof seal.

Sikacryl® Super

Sikacryl-Super is a one part sealant, designed with all the benefits of a gap sealant and silicone sealant in one.

Sikasil® 728 NS

Sikasil-728 NS is a non-sag, one-component, ultra low modulus elastomeric, neutral cure silicone sealant for sealing of joints in pavements according to ASTM D-5893.

Sikadur® 51

Sikadur-51 is a 2-component joint sealant of a putty-like consistency based on flexible epoxy resins. After mixing it cures to form a tough but resilient sealant and patching compound.

Sikadur® Combiflex SG

The Sikadur-Combiflex SG system is a high performance joint and crack sealing system for construction joints, expansion (movement) joints and connection joints or cracks. The system allows variable and high levels of movement in one or more directions, whilst maintaining a high quality watertight seal. The Sikadur-Combiflex SG system consists of a modified flexible Polyolefin (FPO) waterproofing tape, with advanced adhesion properties and a range of different special Sikadur epoxy adhesives for use in different types of applications and conditions.

Sikabond® FoamFix+

Sikabond® FoamFix+ is a gun applied, fast cure and low expansion PUR-foam adhesive for fixing insulation boards and plasterboards to various substrates.

Sikabond® TechGrip

Sikabond -TechGrip is a high strength multipurpose, polyurethane glue that provides a super strong bond to almost any substrate and is ideal for woodworking and project work.


Sikabond is a high strength contact adhesive that will not slump on vertical surfaces. It can be used as a one way liquid adhesive, or a two way contact adhesive, on a variety of surfaces.

Sika® Boom FR

Sika Boom-FR is a one part, high yield, fire rated, polyurethane foam.

Sika® Boom AP

Sika Boom-AP is a fast curing expanding foam. It can be used as a fixing and insulating foam.

SuperGrip® 30 Minute

A transparent polyurethane paste adhesive. SuperGrip 30 Minute is a versatile, ready to use, fast curing, general purpose construction adhesive.

Sikaflex® Tank N

Sikaflex® Tank N is a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant which is used in areas for the storage, filling and handling of water polluting liquids.