A resin floor is an extremely durable surface that has been specially made using a selection of ingredients in a fast and controlled chemical reaction.


The end result is a highly durable, seamless finish that is chemical resistant and perfect for the harshest of environments. Many are surprised that the thicker type resin floor types are actually harder than concrete!


This makes them perfect for a number of applications including:

- Commercial and public buildings

- IT Department / R&D Centres

- Production and Processing Areas

- Storage, Logistic and Sales Areas


With more than 40 years’ experience in the flooring industry, Sika have manufactured and developed an extensive range of high quality resin flooring products.

All our flooring systems meet the latest standards and requirements in the industry and are ideal for new build and refurbishment projects in the industrial, commercial and public sectors.

As flooring specialists, our proven track record for developing innovative techniques and problem-solving systems has resulted in an extensive portfolio of products that deliver long term performance.




- Unrivalled hygiene

- Ease of maintenance

- Long-lasting

- Create safer working environments

- Fully bonded to the substrate

- Easily repaired

- No joints

- Bespoke levels of slip resistance

- Walk on time of minutes is possible


So as you can see, resin flooring has many advantages. Resin floors don’t harbour bacteria, they’re easily cleaned and slip resistant making them perfect for healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical factories.

We can help you create a durable barrier against the rigours of foot traffic, production equipment and heavy machinery and our reputation and expertise for reliability is virtually unmatched.

To find out more about the outstanding benefits Sika Resin Flooring can deliver to your business, view our full range of Resin Flooring.

Alternatively, check out our dedicated Case Studies section to see further examples or our flooring systems at their best.