Epoxy Floor Systems

Sikafloor® 94

Sikafloor-94 is a 2-component epoxy-based primer of low viscosity.


Sikafloor 160 is a 2 part solvent free epoxy primer and binder, modular Sikafloor system.


Sikafloor 161 is an economic, two part, low viscosity epoxy resin for the use where substrate moisture content is between 4% to 6% by Tramex meter.

Sikafloor® 262AS

Sikafloor-262 AS is a two part, self-smoothing, coloured epoxy resin coating.

Sikafloor® 263SL/264

Sikafloor-263 SL/264 is a 2-component solvent free pigmented epoxy resin based flooring system. The material can be classified into three systems: 1. Sikafloor-264: a high build roll on coat 2. Sikafloor-263 SL: a smooth self levelling floor topping system 3. Sikafloor-263 NS: an anti-slip self levelling floor topping system

Sikafloor® 264T

Sikafloor-264 T is a thixotropic 2-component solvent free pigmented 100% solids high build epoxy coating for heavy duty and decorative finishes. It can be applied to vertical surfaces (walls & covers) and in addition provide a textured floor coating.

Sikafloor® 2530W (au)

Sikafloor-2530 W (au) is a two part, water dispersed, coloured, epoxy resin based coating.

Sikafloor® 381AS N

Sikafloor-381 AS N is a two part, electrostatically conductive self-smoothening, coloured epoxy resin with very high chemical resistance.

Sikafloor®-81 EpoCem

Sikafloor-81 EpoCem is a 3-component epoxy modified cementitious self smoothening floor topping and moisture barrier.


Sikafloor®-169 is a two part, very low yellowing, low viscous, transparent epoxy
"Total solid epoxy composition acc. to the test method Deutsche Bauchemie e.V.
(German Association for construction chemicals)"

Sikafloor® Booster

Accelerator / booster additive for dosing to epoxy systems