Sika are the UK’s market leader in a comprehensive range of cementitious flooring products and concrete hardeners.
Our high-strength, cement based flooring systems provide years of effective waterproof, abrasion and chemical resistant protection.
Over the last 100 years we’ve developed pioneering technology to enhance cementitious flooring performance, improving surface finishes, installation procedures and providing additional requirements in the form of aesthetics and chemical attacks.
We produce a wide range of specialist floor levelling compounds for commercial and industrial applications to ensure the perfect substrate prior to the application of a subsequent floor finish. 
Our more traditional screed systems are designed to minimise downtime
and to allow for fast track application of floor finishes so that return to service times can be quicker without compromising performance.



- Storage, Warehousing & Distribution Centres

- Offices

- Commercial Premises

- Healthcare Facilities

- Transport Terminals

- Power Stations

cementitious flooring warehouse


- Concrete Admixtures

- Liquid Hardeners

- Dryshake Floor Hardeners

- Curing/Sealing Compounds

- Cementitious Floor Levellers

- Fast Cure Screeds

- Pumpable Sub Floors

- Joint Sealants

- Resin Based Impregnations & Coatings
Rest assured we have the very best technology in the cementitious
flooring sector that offer the highest standards of quality for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.