Concrete Protection

Sikagard 706 Thixo

Sikagard-706 Thixo is a one part reactive silane based impregnation cream. It is a solvent free product with ~ 80% content of active substance. Sikagard-706 Thixo complies with the highest requirements of EN 1504-2 for hydrophobic Impregnation (penetration depth class II & resistance to freeze and thaw salt stresses).

Sikagard-705 L

Sikagard®-705 L is a one part low viscosity, solvent free, reactive impregnation for concrete and cementitious substrates based on silane with 99% active ingredient. Sikagard®-705 L complies with the highest requirements of EN 1504-2 for hydrophobic Impregnation (penetration depth class II & resistance to freeze and thaw salt stresses.

Sikagard® 700S

Sikagard-700S is a single-pack solvent containing impregnation based on silane/siloxane with good penetrative properties. It forms a hydrophobic (water repellent) but water vapour permeable surface on mineral substrates.

Sikagard® 703W

Sikagard-703W is a liquid, ready for use, silane/siloxane based impregnation.

Sikagard® 680S

Sikagard-680S is a 1-component methacrylic resin based protective and decorative coating. Sikagard-680S protects concrete and most mineral-based substrates against aggressive atmospheres, moisture ingress and carbonation. Sikagard-680S allows two way water vapour diffusion enabling the treated structure to breathe.

Sikagard®-550 W Elastic

Sikagard-550 W Elastic is a one component, plasto-elastic coating based on UV-curing acrylic dispersion with excellent crack-bridging properties even at temperatures below 0°C. Sikagard-550 W Elastic complies with the requirements of EN 1504-2 as protective coating.

Sikagard® 720 EpoCem®

Sikagard-720 EpoCem is a 3-component epoxy-modified cementitious sealing and levelling mortar, suitable for application to most mineral based substrates. It’s specific balanced formulation ensures that the properties of the hydrated cement are both complemented and enhanced by the integral epoxy mortar.

Sika® FerroGard®-903+

Sika® FerroGard®-903+ is a surface applied mixed corrosion inhibitor, designed for
use as an impregnation of steel reinforced concrete.

Sika® FerroGard®-903+ is based on organic compounds. Sika® FerroGard®-903+
penetrates the concrete and forms a protective monomolecular layer on the surface
of the reinforcing steel.

Protection with Sika® FerroGard®-903+ both delays the start of corrosion and
reduces the corrosion rate. Corrosion protection with Sika® FerroGard®-903+
increases the service and maintenance life cycles by up to 15 years when used as
a part of a complete Sika Concrete Repair and Protection System.