Surface Treatments

Surface Treatments

All these advantage are suppliemnted bya a comprehensive range of technical services that can be used depending on the specific needs of the customer and project.

Surface Treatment Solutions

Surface Retarders

Concrete surface retarders delay the set time of the surface of the concrete to facilitate desired decorative outcomes, or to facilitate surface preparation in construction joints.

Evaporating Retarders

Drying of the surface cause stresses that exceed the tensile capacity the concrete potentially resulting drying shrinkage cracking.  Aliphatic alcohol slows the rate of drying on the surface of the concrete.

Form Release Agents

Form release agents act as a bondbreaker between formwork or moulds facilitating demoulding resulting in a smooth finish.

Curing Compounds

Application of a curing compound prevents the loss of moisture from the surface of the concrete reducing the potential for plastic shrinkage cracking.
Curing of concrete improves the compressive strength of the concrete and reduces the porosity.