Special Admixture Technology

Concrete Chemical Admixtures

Highly technical process in which every part has a decisive impact on the product quality as well as economical and ecological production parameters.

Concrete Admixture Solutions

Water Reducing Admixtures (WR)

Water reducers reduce the water demand of concrete by between 5-10%. A lower water to cementitious ratio will increase compressive strength, or increase the workability of your concrete should the free water content remain unchanged.

Mid Range Water Reducers (MWR)

Mid Range water reducing admixtures typically reduce the water demand of concrete up to 15%.  These admixtures are designed to provide predictable set time characteristics suitable for flatwork floors, or slump retaining characteristics for applications where extended slump life is required.  It is important to determine the desired fresh and hardened properties prior to selection.

Water Reducing Set Retarding Admixtures (WRRE)

Water reducer retarding admixtures reduce the water demand of concrete by between 5-10%.  A lower water to cementitious ratio will increase compressive strength, or increase the workability of your concrete should the free water content remain unchanged.
Water reducer retarders are suitable for concrete requiring delayed set time characteristics for extended workability and or high ambient temperatures.

Water Reducing Accelerators (WRAC)

Water reducer accelerators provide water reduction to the concrete, with shortened set time characteristics suitable for cold climatic conditions. Increased early compressive strength will be achieved.

Air Entraining Agents (AEA)

Air entraining agents are used to stabilise microscopic air bubbles in concrete.  Typically air is incorporated in the concrete to substitute insufficient fine particles in the concrete (low cementitious concrete mixes) or to enhance the durability of concrete.

Accelerators (AC)

Sika accelerators comprise of chloride and non chloride accelerators. 
Chloride containing admixtures can accelerate the corrosion of steel and therefore a non chloride containing admixture should be considered for reinforced concrete.
Accelerators can be used either to increase the rate of setting or stiffening of concrete or increase the rate of strength gain in concrete.

Shotcrete Accelerators (AC)

High performance liquid accelerators for shortcrete.

High Range Water Reducer (HWR)

High Range Water reducing admixtures reduce the concrete water demand to achieve very low water to cementitious ratio's for high strength concrete and or high early strengths.
High Range Water Reducers are also used to achieve high workability concrete with flowing characteristics.

High Range Water Reducer Retarder (HWRRE)

High Range water reducer retarders are designed to achieve high water reduction characteristics, and or higher concrete slump or flow, with additional slump life.

Retarders (RE)

Retarders delay the hydration of cement particles thus allowing for extended workability of the concrete.  Retarder are typically used to combat the effect of high ambient temperatures which reduce the duration that concrete remains plastic and workable.
Introducing set retarders allows for longer haulage, extended placing and finishing of the concrete and is often incorporated to reduce the potential for cold joints.

Masonry Admixtures

Masonry admixtures are designed to provide optimum compaction and  mechanical properties required in block and paver applications, and may be combined with anti-efflorescence technology.
Anti-efflorescent admixtures limit the transportation of water carrying salts to the surface, causing white staining on masonry surfaces.

Special Application Admixtures

Sika provides a range of admixtures suitable for special applications that influence the rheology of the concrete mix and enhance the durability aspects of hardened concrete to ensure the structure meets it's service design life.

Grout/Mortar Admixtures

Admixtures suited to  the rheological and mechanical properties of mortar and grout.

Admixtures for Gypsum

Admiixtures developed for the plasterboard and gypsum industry.
Retardan P is a powdered retarder whichs prevents initial set of gypsum allowing adequate time for casting and forming.