Direct Glazing

For more than 20 years, Sika has been providing rail OEM and sub supplier assembly lines with adhesive and sealant solutions for direct glazing and sealing.

Exterior Component Bonding & Sealing

Rail vehicle manufacturers face  complex and varied challenges in the design and assembly of the roof and mask systems for modern rail vehicles. High speeds, harsh environments and aerodynamic structural  stresses within the vehicle  have to be accommodated  when selecting the correct adhesive solution.

Interior Component Bonding

Modern rail vehicle interiors need high durability and service life expectancy in order to meet the day-to-day requirements of transporting  large numbers of people in comfort and safety. Rail vehicle operators demand high performance and reliability from their rolling stock to reduce down time and  remain competitive.

Interior Sealing

The finish and integrity of a rail vehicle is crucial to its long-term durability. A robust, watertight seal protects sensitive components such as  wiring looms, vital electronic equipment and other systems situated beneath the floor and behind interior  panels.

Floor Bonding

Modern rail vehicles require the use of a number of high performance flooring materials during manufacture to ensure  travelling comfort, lower vibration and better sound damping in service. Sika has formulated a range of elastic solutions for floor bonding that enable  these and other benefits to be delivered to the customer.

Ancillary Products

Surface pretreatment agents are used to improve adhesion of sealants and adhesives onto various substrates