Body Shop

Truck manufacturers use a wide range of materials and processes in the assembly of the "body in white" structure within the body shop.
Sika provides a range of material technologies ideally suited to this challenging environment.

High Roof

Vehicle operators are demanding increased long range comfort for drivers and users. Improved interior space, lower noise, greater insulation and increased interior stowage space have facilitated development of high roof sleeper cab trucks capable of providing maximum driver comfort for protracted journeys. Sika has formulated a specialist range of adhesive and sealant solutions to meet the stringent requirements for assembly of the high roof to the main vehicle body.

Direct Glazing

For over 20 years, Sika has been providing OEM assembly lines with adhesive and sealant solutions for sealing, bonding and direct glazing. Manual and automated pre-treatment options, that eliminate the need for black primers, are available to fit the needs of a variety of OEM application processes. These create significant cost savings and generate manufacturing process simplification and result in higher quality products for lower total systems costs.
Sika offers a wide range of adhesive technologies to suit all direct glazing applications. Specific Sikaflex solutions are available to suit cold, warm and hot application processes. Proprietary Sikaflex materials are capable of retaining the glass in position following installation, allowing for elimination of secondary clips, fixings and tape. Sikaflex materials can also provide low electrically conductive properties for elimination of galvanic corrosion and reduction of antenna signal loss.

Bumper Modules

Truck end users demand maximum durability from their vehicles. Day-to-day vehicle use in harsh environmental conditions is combined with tough operating conditions involving frequent low speed impacts due to parking, loading and general driving conditions.

Exterior Plastic Parts

Truck designers and manufacturers are using an increasing level of thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials to construct exterior trim components. Typical applications for such materials include upper and lower grill assemblies, exterior door extensions, spoilers and aerofoils, wiper panels, mirror housings, mud guards, headlamps and side cab trim. Thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials are selected due to their ability to provide benefits in weight reduction, impact resistance, design flexibility, paint elimination and component consolidation.

Interior Trim

Vehicle owner operators have driven a significant increase in interior comfort and functionality in recent years, requiring the use of an increasingly diverse mix of interior plastics and fabrics. Performance requirements for interior components have increased, with higher operational temperature requirements, improved emissions and environmental performance needs and reduced component cost and cycle time in production. Sika has developed several hot melt, solvent based and water based solutions to create strong adhesion to many substrates. SikaMelt , SikaTherm and SikaSense technologies are used in the lamination and bonding of a variety of interior applications including instrument panels, interior door trim, carpet,pillar trim,head liners,centre consoles,stowage bins and seat assemblies.

Ancillary Products

Surface pretreatment agents are used to improve adhesion of sealants and adhesives onto various substrates