Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure

Accelerated STP assembly and glazing adhesive

Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure is an accelerated-curing elastic Silane Terminated Polymer (STP) direct-glazing and assembly adhesive system with good gap-filling capabilities. Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure is designed for bonding and sealing applications in the commercial-vehicle industry. Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure is textured and has a mat black color. This texture cannot be eliminated and will remain visible after full cure.
Curing of Sikaflex®-558 PowerCure is accelerated by Sika’s PowerCure technology, which makes it largely independent of atmospheric conditions.  

  • Solvent-, PVC-, isocyanate- and phthalate-free
  • Passes EN45545-2 R1/R7 HL-3
  • Fast-curing by Sika PowerCure Technology
  • Excellent weathering stability
  • Suitable for bonding and sealing
  • Low-modulus and highly elastic
  • Very good processing and tooling characteristics