Sika Wins marine innovation award

Priding itself of being innovative within the industry and marine industry, Sika is proud to announce recently that it's recently won AI Global's award for Innovation in Commercial Marine Fabrication and Best Renewable Energy Product and Solution Provider - Asia Pacific. 

Mark Daniels. Sika's Target Market Manager for Industry/Marine spoke with AI - “It feels fantastic to have been given this award!” Daniels commented on the company’s achievement. “We are very proud and honoured.”

“Our brand is very strong within the marine industry and represents quality and consistency. I think it is great that we have been recognised as the drivers of excellence and innovation.”

“It is definitely an exciting but challenging time for Sika in the current Australian marine and offshore market,” said Daniels. “There are competitor brands moving into Australia and whilst we’ve seen some manufacturing work move to other countries in the region, we are enjoying the challenge and evolving to adapt to the changes in the market. I am excited to see new businesses rise and start new builds into the luxury super yacht segment.”

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