The green roof waterproofing membrane Sika Sarnafil was installed on the roof of the progressive and award winning home to provide lasting protection against structural water damage. The landmark residence located in the Sydney suburb of Forest Lodge, is a two-storey home built on the principles of sustainability with features including advanced insulation, water conservation and a unique green roof by Sika.

Environmentally-responsible housing

Australia's most awarded eco home, designed and built by Sydney firm Designer Constructions Group Pty Ltd, has received 13 national and international design and construction awards with the most recent award being the HIA GreenSmart Home of the Year. This award, which recognises the best in environmentally-responsible housing across Australia is the highest accolade at the national HIA GreenSmart Awards.

Forest Lodge Eco House features a green roof that not only improves insulation and reduces the home’s carbon footprint and energy costs, but also adds aesthetic appeal and conserves water by reducing stormwater runoff. Owner Chris Knierim, who is also Managing Director of Code Green Pty Ltd, explains that the roof collects and stores stormwater, providing a reliable water supply for the rooftop garden, vertical gardens and the house.

Sika Sarnafil Waterproofing Solution

To protect the building structure from the damp environment of the green roof, a reliable waterproofing membrane was a prerequisite for the long-term performance and durability of the roof.

A 1.5mm thick Sika Sarnafil G410-15L felt membrane was specified for the project. The waterproofing membrane was fully adhered with Sarnacol 2142s to prevent leaks and water ingress under the membrane, should the membrane be breached with punctures or damage.

Being root resistant, Sika Sarnafil is ideal for green roof applications from small residential projects to large scale commercial builds. With the inability of roots to penetrate the membrane, the risk of water ingress is reduced.

Since access to the Eco House construction site was restricted by the narrow streets, the waterproofing membrane was installed in sections and its seams and flashings heat welded on site using Sika Sarnafil’s automatic hot-air welder to create a single monolithic layer impervious to moisture infiltration.