Polyurethane Foam-Sealing Strip Impregnated with Bitumen.

A pre-formed, flexible, polyurethane foam-sealing strip impregnated with bitumen. ORMONOID COMPRIBAND can be compressed to seal expansion and construction joints and can also be used in gasket seals.

  • A long lasting joint sealer.
  • Resistant to weathering, most domestic and industrial effluents and vermin.
  • Superior chemical resistance enables application in a wide range of severe corrosive conditions.
  • Tough and abrasion resistant.
  • Forms a lasting watertight seal.
  • Compression by 20% - resistant to dust, draughts and tolerant to vibration.
  • Compression by 50% - resistant to fog, light, dampness, slight flowing water.
  • Compression by 70% - resistant to heavy rain, flowing water and dust storms.
  • Compression by 75% - resistant to standing water.