Plastomeric bituminous roof membrane with adhesive spots for use on damp substrates

Vapordiffuser/V is an APP modified bituminous roof membrane which is torch applied, flexible at -10 °C and reinforced with a glass fleece. The underside has spots of a special elastomeric heat adhesive compound, which is activated during torch application. The membrane bonding area is approximately 35% which allows the diffusion of residual moisture from damp substrates.

  • Weight: ~4,0 kg/m²
  • Good flexibility at -10 °C
  • Vapour diffuser and waterproofing incorporated in the same membrane
  • Adhesive strips reduce the strain from cyclic movement across the laying substrate
  • Good mechanical properties (tensile, tear)
  • Easy to install by torching method
  • Choice of primers to suit substrate and weather conditions
  • Can be applied onto concrete substrates and over existing bitumen roofing membranes