Rollbase Polyester-V

Plastomeric modified bituminous roof membrane separation layer

Rollbase Polyester-V is an APP modified bituminous separation layer used as a base sheet for torch applied bituminous roof membranes which cannot be directly applied to the roof substrate. The membrane can be applied using various application methods to wood or metal substrates with or without existing waterproofing membranes. The underside is coated with an exposed non-woven polyester fabric which is absorbent and traps any residual moisture from wooden substrates or old waterproofing membranes. It is reinforced with fibreglass to ensure dimensional stability. Top surface finish: polyethylene film. Weight: ~2,0 kg/m2

  • Several methods of application: mechanically fixed, torch applied, cold bitumen adhesive or hot bitumen
  • Flexibility at low temperature: ≤ -5 °C
  • Good tensile and tear resistance
  • Good elongation
  • Good water vapour transmission