Sika ViscoFlow®-15

Workability-enhancing admixture

Sika ViscoFlow®-15 is a workability-enhancing admixture for use in various concrete applications (slump-keeper).

Sika ViscoFlow®-15 is a unique concrete admixture used to improve the workability and slump retention of fresh concrete. Sika ViscoFlow®-15 uses innovative polycarboxylate polymer technology, which can be used in various concrete applications whenever extended slump retention and concrete plasticity without excessive set time delays is required. Use of Sika ViscoFlow®-15 delivers the following benefits to a concrete producer: ▪ Extended slump retention without excessive retardation. ▪ Reduced or eliminated need for concrete re-tempering. ▪ Better ability to optimize concrete mix designs resulting in cost savings. ▪ Ability to adjust slump retention to match transport time and temperature. ▪ No deleterious effect on concrete shrinkage. ▪ Reduced rejection rates due to issues related to concrete re-tempering.