Retardan® P

Retarder for calcium sulfate binders

Retardan® P is a high-performance set-retarder in powder form for calcium sulfate (gypsum) based binding materials.

The benefits of Retardan® P include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Efficient set-retardation, already at very low dosages
  • Allows adjustment of the setting time to the needs of the manufacturing process
  • High retarding action over a wide pH range and high tolerance in case of changes of pH value
  • Compatible to a variety of calcium sulfate binder types and to other additives, such as Sika® ViscoCrete® superplasticizers
  • Retardan® P allows the preparation of large mixes and thus reduces the application costs
  • No reduction of final strength of gypsum products (unlike several fruit acids)
  • Uniform quality ensures a stable manufacturing process run as well as uniformity and homogeneity of the final gypsum product
  • Ecologically unproblematic, free of formaldehyde