Our goals - Your path


  • EHS関連の法律と法規の遵守を監視し、変更があればいち早く把握し、これらの変更の影  響を必要な関連部署等に通知し、必要な提案を行う。
  • EHSトレーニングプログラムを開発し、整備し、管理し、モニタリングを行う。
  • 月次、四半期、年次のトレーニングプログラムを実施する。
  • EH&Sパフォーマンス指標のタイムリーな報告を行う。分析を実施し、トレンドを監視し、改善案を作成する。
  •  現地オペレーションへ専門知識とアドバイスを提供する。
  • 各工場・オフィスのチームと協力して、新しいまたは変更されたプロセス・装置が人間工学の基準に準拠し、規制要件を満たしていることを確認する。
  •  メモ、報告指標、安全ニュースレター、現地会議、関連する出版物の配布を通じて安全に関連する問題の伝達を行う。 
  • 法的に必要なEHSレポートの作成・提出を行う。 
  • すべてのEHS関連の内部要件および国内/地方の規制およびルールを法的に遵守するためのプログラムの管理を行う。 
  • ニアミス、および事故調査の原因分析を主導する。再発防止のための是正措置の実施を監視する。
  • 事故予防と費用管理の長期目標を設定します。

Develop, organize, administer, and maintain the Company’s Environmental Health & Safety Program. Minimize the number and reduce the severity of accidents and injuries while maintaining the efficiency of the Corporation and the well-being of its employees and customers, as well as the community. The EH&S Program must comply with all national and international policies and procedures. The EH&S Program must be goal-oriented and driven towards continuous improvement.

  • Act as the authority in all areas of Environmental, Health & Safety, ergonomics, and industrial hygiene.
  • Monitor compliance with EH&S-related laws and legislation and keep up to date with any changes, inform management on the impact of these changes and responsibilities and advise management by providing proposals.
  • Develop, organize, administer, and track corporate EH&S Training Programs. Implement and maintain monthly, quarterly and annual training programs.
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting of EH&S performance indicators to operation management. Perform analysis, monitor trends and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Contributing to effective risk management of HSE-related issues by providing specialist knowledge and advice to the local operations.
  • Integrate all Corporate and Regional Environmental, Health & Safety programs into daily operations.
  • Work with corporate- and facility-level teams to assure that new or modified processes equipment is designed to ergonomic standards and meets regulatory requirements.
  • Communicate safety-related issues through memos, reporting metrics, safety newsletters, on-site meetings, and through the disbursement of relevant publications.
  • Ensure accurate and timely submittal of legally required EH&S reports.
  • Manage programs to ensure legal compliance with all EH&S applicable internal requirements and national/local regulations and rules.
  • Lead Near Miss, and Accident Investigation root cause analysis. Monitor the implementation of corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence.
  • Establish targets and long-range accident prevention and cost-control objectives.

Your expertise - Our strength

  • 少なくとも10年以上の製造業での労働安全衛生(EHS)のご経験
  • 日本および国際的なHSEQ規制に関する深い知識
  • 日本語・英語でのコミュニケーション能力(日本語での安全衛生関連のトレーニングの実施、また英語でのマネジメント向けのプレゼンがございます)
  • 工場、ショップフロア、オフィスの安全性の改善を推進した経験
  • 自己モチベーション、自己スターター
  • More than 10 years of experience manufacturing background with EHS experience as specialist (Occupational safety, Product safety, EHS compliance)
  • In-depth knowledge of Japanese and international HSEQ regulations.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (both English and Japanese), high attention to detail
  • Strong verbal, written, analytical and persuasive skills and the ability to interact effectively with all levels of employees and management.
  • Proven experience driving safety improvements on the factory floor, shop floor, in the offices and as part of the Leadership team.
  • Self-motivated, self-starter