Aqua Blok® Epoxy Prime 2K

Waterbased epoxy primer and surface consolidator

Aqua Blok® Epoxy Prime 2K is a two part, water-based epoxy primer for dry, porous substrates. Aqua Blok® Epoxy Prime 2K is a substrate consolidator and adhesion promoter for use over concrete, screeds and water resistant sheeting prior to the application of waterbased and solvent based Aqua Blok® and SikaTite® waterproofing membranes for internal and external applications.

  • Limits bubbling, blistering and pin holes in liquid applied waterproofing membranes
  • Convenient 1:1 mixing ratio by volume or weight
  • Excellent adhesion to masonry substrates
  • Easy water clean-up
  • Non-flammable