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Structural Glazing

Sika’s structural glazing adhesives, Sikasil SG, have shown their excellent resistance UV and weatherability in major projects around the globe. In façade constructions many different materials come into contact with each other, Sika provides a complete support package to ensure compatibility of all products for façade manufacturers.

Weather Sealing

As with structural glazing systems, many sealants and adhesives which come into contact with each other and many other materials will require high-quality products, which are compatible with all substrates and ancillary products. Therefore Sika supplies suitable professional sealants for all kinds of sealing applications.

Glass Wall Grouting

In total vision glazing (TVG, fin glazing) and glass bal­ustrades the glass panes must be fixed to the floor with low punctual stress transfer to the glass. The bottom glass edge is em­bedded in the floor with self-levelling PU grout. This gives uniform stress distribution and minimal peak stress.


For glass-to-glass applications (fin glazing, total vision glazing) Sika offers various Sikasil silicone sealants, from low modulus sealant to high modulus adhesive.

Panel Bonding

Bonding of panels, instead of screwing, prevents high stress in the panels and galvanic corrosion. It gives the architect a great freedom of design. This system can be used for direct on-site and factory bonding for fast on-site installation.

Panel Reinforcing

Big panels become fashionable in façades. In order to save weight, the panels get thinner and thinner. To stabilise against fluttering, the panels are stiffened with a metal or plastic profile bonded to the reverse side.

Ancillary Products

Surface pretreatment agents are used to improve adhesion of sealants and adhesives onto various substrates.