To clearly delegate authority and to set up an organisation which is simple and close to its market.

a) Sika Australia is divided into the following locations:

  • New South Wales (NSW) - Head Office, Manaufacturing site, Warehouse and Distribution.
  • Victoria (VIC) - Manufacturing site, Warehouse and Distribution.
  • Western Australia (WA) - Manufacturing site, Warehouse and Distribution.
  • South Australia (SA) - Warehouse and Distribution
  • Tasmania (TAS) - Warehouse and Distribution

b) The Group is organised as follows:

  • The General Manager (GM is the senior most local executive body. He is responsible to Uphold and promote the image of Sika Australia at all times by presenting in a neat and professional manner
  • The GM is responsible for operational management. All site manager reports to him.
  • The heads of Finance + Controlling, Technology, Operations, and all Target Market Managers reports direct to him.

c) The management team safeguard the companies' interests and supervise the company.