To set high standards for our work and behavior in all our activities and to focus on the needs of our markets and strive to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and confidence.


a) Management Behaviour: Setting a visible example of commitment to quality; showing initiative, appreciation and use of easy comprehensible language.

b) Employees: Involvement of all employees through continuous and specific training in all technology- and behavior-oriented components of quality.

c) Planning, Supervision and Controlling: Introduce quality criteria through the establishment and the use of relevant performance measures in work processes and internal and external reporting systems.

d) Development of Products and Systems: World-wide implementation and continuous improvement of our formalized "Product Creation Process".

e) Quality Assurance: Worldwide introduction and continuous development of the Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9000ff.

f) Ecology: Adoption of the "Responsible Care"-Program as introduced by the Chemical Industry for the inclusion of all ecologically relevant aspects in the value chain.

g) Risk Assessment: Goal-oriented and professional risk management to safeguard all our business activities.