To grow stronger than our competitors in attractive markets and to become leaders in selected markets. In less attractive markets we will maintain our position as long as we enjoy a return on our investment, while anticipating the potential need for withdrawal.

a) We will achieve our desired market positions and planned growth   

  • first and foremost through a continuous expansion of our own activities;
  • through acquisitions which complement positions we have already achieved;  
  • through strategic alliances with third parties.

b) The goals and directions of the company are established and reviewed triennially.

c) The operational marketing activities are decentralized and implemented.

The introduction of a central marketing organization working at a regional or supra-regional level is considered, if a strategic goal can be achieved either more quickly and/or on a more permanent basis.

d) The sales organizations are basically divided into specialized branches, permitting separate review of their successes. A branch for contracting operations can be created if it is profitable on its own and strengthens the overall market position of the Company.

e) Sales are carried out natioanlly  uniformity of product formulations possible and under the same internationally protected brand names and emblems.

f) Product pricing is established to achieve the planned level of profit and cash flow. It must, however, respect the strategic goals.