To create a working atmosphere in which innovation, performance and mutual respect can develop.

a) Every employee is entitled to:

  • a clear definition of his/her job defining responsibility and authority, as well as his/her position within the organization;
  • an open performance evaluation conducted periodically with the superior;
  • a compensation relating to performance and responsibility, supplemented by social security and pension contributions which are in line with national levels;
  • a career according to individual professional and personal skills. Discrimination is not tolerated.
  • The confidentiality of his or her personal data.

b) We expect from our employees:   

  • a careful execution of their duties observing high ethical standards as well as laws and regulations;  
  • teamwork with colleagues, superiors and subordinates in a fair manner;  
  • an appropriate conduct when dealing with customers, suppliers, authorities and the public;  
  • to safeguard the interests of Sika; in particular to protect any trade secrets of Sika, to avoid any activities competing with Sika and to renounce any unjustified personal advantages.

c) The active participation and contribution of all employees to company improvements is strongly encouraged.

d) The implementation of the Employee Policy is the responsibility of every superior.