To address environmental and safety concerns throughout the whole value chain.

a) Responsibility for the environment and safety is an integral part of every managerial task and a concern of each employee. In particular, we care for the environment and pay attention to the safety of everybody dealing with us in

  • research and development;  
  • procurement, production, storage, transportation and disposal;  
  • product application in construction and industry.

b) We limit unavoidable risks by utilizing principles of economic feasibility, state-of-the-art safety and our own reservoir of experiences, through

  • setting targets for continual improvements;  
  • individual responsibility and self-control;  
  • compliance with laws, regulations and standards;  
  • dialogue and co-operation with the appropriate authorities and the public.

c) To achieve our environmentally conscious management we   

  • give preference to products and procedures favourable to the environment;  
  • clearly instruct management on all levels and unmistakeably allocate responsibilities;  
  • provide internal and external training, information and on the spot controls;  
  • participate in the Responsible Care Program of the Chemical Industry worldwide;  
  • maintain an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001.