NEW Sika Post Fix

The new and innovative alternative to instant concrete!

As the name suggests, Sika Post Fix is designed to fix posts in the ground and is suitable with any kind of post including wood, PVC, metal or concrete.

Turns a big job into an easy DIY job

Normally, fixing an average sized fence post (100mm x 100mm) into the correct size hole (900mm deep x 200mm wide) would require approx THREE 20kg bags of instant concrete. Not any more. Just one small bag of Sika Post Fix will do the job.

Easy to mix

Sika Post Fix's unique design means that no water is needed. Simply roll the bag up tightly until the seam separating the two components breaks. Then rub the bag back and forth across a 90 degree angle (no sharp corners) for 20 seconds to mix the product. One mixed, simply cut one of the corners with a pair of scissors and pour the Post Fix evenly around the pole. Post Fix expands rapidly, filling the hole and fixing the post in place.

Sets in just 3 minutes. Full strength in 2 hours

If there is any excess material cured above the surface, cut it away with a sharp knife. Then cover with a little top-soil and the job’s done. 

Environmentally Friendly

Sika Post Fix's unique chemical formulation means that it is not harmful to the soil or surrounding environment.

Once mixed and in a foam state, Sika Post Fix is inert and will not leach into the soil.


Sika Post Fix is available from Hardware & General, Mitre 10Bunnings and other hardware stores. Retail prices may vary. Please contact your local hardware store for their price and stock availability.


  • Sika Post Fix is not recommended for piles, load bearing poles or structural applications such as a deck or retaining walls.